Scotch Eggs

Fancy a quick Snack?

Check out these Scotch Eggs! 

This delicious recipe belongs to Chums on Keto (Instagram handle @chumsonketo

For this recipe you will need:
1 pack of Sausage Meat
4 Eggs
Pack of Pork Crumbs (or bash up a packet of your favourite Pork Puffs)

1) Place 4 eggs into a pan of boiling water for 6 minutes.
2) After 6 minutes, take off the hob, and run under cold water. 
3) Divide sausage meat into 4 parts. 
4) Place 1st part onto a piece of cling film and pat down. Carefully peal your first egg and put this onto the sausage meat and roll in your cling film to cover your egg. 
5) Once your egg is covered, roll the sausage covered egg in a bowl of pork crumb.
6) Fry on a medium heat, turning egg frequently.
7) Repeat with the other 3 sausage meat parts and eggs! 


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