Who is Krave Kit for?

To put simply, every one! Krave Kit suits anyone and everyone! :-)

The products contained in our boxes best suit those following a Low Carb and Keto diet/ lifestyle. In addition, as the products are made with sugar alternatives, and are very low to nil in sugar content, this means that they also suit anyone Diabetic

Our boxes are packed with snacks, condiments, drinks and more! Occasionally you will also find some electrolytes, collagen powder, MCT oil, and other supplements. 

Krave Kit has been designed to broaden your knowledge of products and brands available that are suited to your dietary requirements. We know your health is important to you, so it's important to us too. This is why, some kits will also contain health products and supplements to give your body & mind a boost!


Low Carb & Keto BoxLow Sugar Box
(Please check with your healthcare provider prior to starting a low carb/sugar or ketogenic diet.)